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Friday, September 23, 2011

SpiderMan Rigged 3ds Max

Download this rig Here


  1. I cannot open it in my 3dsmx 2010...

  2. IF you go to FAQ section, its Cleared that these Rigs Are for 3ds Max 2011 and some for 2012.. as well as it is rigged and animated by CAT and We don't have CAT in 3ds Max 2010.. that's the reason why people prefer 2011 and 2012 for Animation..

  3. Hi Umar,

    I just joined this site. I have completed my first model in 3d max.{spiderman} I have tried to rig him about 4 times using bones ,then biped,and finally upgrading to max 2011 to use cat and I'm still not happy with the results.I really am not that fond of rigging I want to get to the animation.Is there a rig here or some help or even someone to rig him and what would be the cost if the later of the 3? And is there a way to upload models or jpegs of models here?

    Thanks in advance,

    1. Yes It's a Spiderman Rig.. Actually the whole stie contains Rigged Characters and Animals only.. Not Just models. Everything here is Ready to Animate ...You can Download by Click "Here" Button on bottom of Each Rig...
      I am also A freelancer..if you are interested in making your own spiderman rigged or if you have your own models and you wanna rig them. you can Talk with me in detail on Skype.. or Fb as an alternative ..Go to freelance or Contact Section..
      about Posting Yes.. People share thr Stuff as a support ..
      Only Jpegs are not Needed.. everything Should be Related to Max..
      About Models or Rigs ,, You can Send Your stuff on My mail or Any freehosting Link..
      and it will be posted with Credits ...

  4. Hi Umar, Thanks for many of the stuff here but I'm sorry to tell you that this rig is bugging a little bit, I just rotate his right arm toward the top and there was hand's vertices that didn't follow and some part of the body followed when they were not suposed to, if you can work a bit on it and reupload it could be awsome since I want to pratice some "ninja" move like spiderman does