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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Spider General Rig 3ds Max

The Rig is Completely Resizeable and Already Animated. The Path Can Be Changed. Can be used for Any Spider having 8 Legs. Download this rig Here


  1. hey that's my rig :) The same file was provided with the tut and it's nice that you put it here as it's a free rig and good site Umar. Thumbs up

    1. Hey Rohit,thanks for Appreciating. :)
      my intentions are not to Collect people stuff or sell it or take credits , its a site which collects all in one place and make it easy bizy for people to choose one.
      Technically, i have more than 100 rigs here rigged by self.i can be selfish but i think NO.

  2. That's a great thing that you put your own rigs to help someone. I have no problem that you put my rig here as it's already free. Good luck... ;).