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What is Rigsarena ?

- Well, have you ever spent countless of hours trying to find free animation rigs? Would you prefer to spend that time animating? I know I do.
There are many artists who offer their rigs for free online, or sites which list rigs that are currently available, but it's all spread out across the web and time consuming to find and to go through. You need a hub which combines all those lists. That's what I would like RigsArena to be.

I also want to do a quick review of the rigs, so I can point out the pros and cons to any possible student (or professional animator) who might want to use them.

Are all these rigs free?

- Yes. At least that's the main goal. If you get free rigs that come with a CD/DVD purchase (for instance bundled with a book), I'll list them as well, even though they are technically not free. ;)

What software is needed for those rigs?

- Just Autodesk 3ds max . (2011 and 2012)

Can we use them for commercial purposes ?

Most of them are not free for commercial purposes.About the others, I try my best to give credits to authors so you can ask them for that.... However you are allowed to use them in your personal work (animation Reel...etc)